A lightweight petroleum drop and vacuum hose that is flexible and abrasion resistant. A static conducive tube assures no static buildup, plus the added protection of a continuous static wire. External PVC helix for abrasion resistance with black static conductive nitrile tube.
Safety Factor 3:1
Temperature range : -30 to 140° F

Construction :
Tube :
Seamless black static conductive nitrile, 40% aromatic.
Reinforcement : Synthetic fabric multiple plies, PVC helix.
Cover : Nitrile
Static Grounding : Static Wire and static conductive
Unit of Measure

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Hose Inner Diameter

Hose Outer Diameter

Working Pressure

Bend Radius

Overall Weight


N/A 2 in N/A 2.87 in N/A 100 psi N/A 2 in N/A 0.95 lb N/A 100 ft
N/A 3 in N/A 3.87 in N/A 100 psi N/A 5 in N/A 1.27 lb N/A 100 ft
N/A 4 in N/A 4.87 in N/A 100 psi N/A 6 in N/A 1.65 lb N/A 19/100 ft