Pocket Kit With Standard Jaw Pincers
Unit of Measure



N/A Oetiker Seal Fast

Kit Includes

N/A 15 of 1113 (1/2 in.) 2-Ear Clamps 15 of 1315 (9/16 in.) 2-Ear Clamps 15 of 1518 (5/8 in.) 2-Ear Clamps 15 of 1720 (3/4 in.) 2-Ear Clamps 5 of 406R (1/4 in.) Hose Menders (All Stainless Steel) 5 of 408R (5/16 in.) Hose Menders (All Stainless Steel) Part # 1098 (All Zinc plated) Plastic Kit Box Standard Jaw Pincers

How to Apply

N/A This procedure works for either eared clamp. Position clamp on hose as illustrated.

Give each ear a firm squeeze with your Oetiker Pincers.

Where access to ear is difficult use Oetiker's Side Jaw Pincers Model 1099.

How to Remove

N/A Grip the outer edge of ear firmly and cut through it with either pincers.

Cut the ear by taking several small bites at its base with either pincers. Then grip ear firmly and twist it off.

Stepless clamps may be easily removed by prying end up with a common screwdriver.



N/A When installing Oetiker 2-Ear Clamps, close first ear, then the second. Once the second ear is closed, the first one will open slightly, simply squeeze again. Do not squeeze each ear more than twice. On Stepless Ear Clamps, simply close the single ear.

With either clamp, if properly sized, the ear will spring back naturally to provide a desired gap of approximately 1.5 mm. That is necessary for Oetiker eared clamps to perform to their maximum. If clamp ears can be closed all the way, the clamp size selected is too big and the next smaller size clamp should be ordered.



N/A Once an Oetiker Eared Clamp has been applied, then removed, it must not be reused.