AST Gasket Maker™ is an anaerobic gasket product designed to replace pre-cut gaskets, or can be used with pre-cut gaskets to enhance their sealing ability. AST Gasket Maker™ cures and polymerizes in the absence of air and presence of metal to form a strong leak proof seal. It can fill imperfections in surfaces up to 0.01" and provides an instant low pressure seal.
Unit of Measure



N/A Anti-Seize Technology™ Seal Fast


N/A Tube


N/A 1.69 fl oz50 mL

Package Type

N/A Bottle



  • Alleviates the need for preformed gaskets.
  • Remains Liquid when exposed to air.
  • Cures when confined between mating flanges.
  • Prevents corrosion and galling of threads.
  • Can fill gaps as large as 0.050.

Cleaning and Application

Cleaning and Application

N/A For best results make sure the bond surface areas are clean of all foreign materials and free of grease or other lubricants or cleaning solvents. Apply AST Gasket Maker™ onto one surface of the flange or joint. Tighten the flanges using the recommended torque and torque pattern as soon as possible after assembly.