General Properties :
Pure gum is a composition containing a high percentage of rubber and a minimum of other ingredients to produce vulcanization. It is generally recommended for use against hot and cold water. It is particularly suited for applications where a soft rubber seal is necessary because applied pressure may be light to effect a satisfactory seal.
  • 40 Durometer ±5
  • Elongation at Break 600 %
  • Tensile Strength Min. 200 Kgs/Cm²
  • Specific Gravity 0.96 ±0.05
Unit of Measure



N/A 1/4 x 36 in

Avg. Length per Roll

N/A 45/53 ft

Approx. Weight per Roll

N/A 200 lb

Material Resistance

N/A 40 Durometer±5

Minimum Elongation

N/A 600 %

Min. Tensile Strength

N/A 200 kg/cm²


N/A Pure Gum